First Annual Remarkably Nice Award Winners

Randy and Elizabeth

Nice. Remarkably Nice.® is not just something we like to say at Oregon Community, it’s how we like to live. We believe that nice has the power to quiet a loud day. Fluff up a ho-hum day. Or just remind a fellow nice believer that yes, things are pretty good. Nice is contagious. It has a way of finding its way into every corner of a life. And you know what, that’s a good thing. We believe in the power of generosity and choice. At Oregon Community Credit Union, we’re lucky. We’re a community of people who choose their own path and write their own rules. We get to choose how we do business. And we choose: Nice. Remarkably Nice.

It’s not every day that you find other people and businesses that also believe in the power of Nice. But, they’re out there and we’re lucky enough to know just one of them in our local community. Last month, we presented our first annual Remarkably Nice Award to the very deserving owners of Vectors Espresso, Randy and Elizabeth.

One Saturday last summer, on their way out of town, Randy and Elizabeth drove past our Coburg branch and noticed the lobby and drive-up filled with members waiting to be helped.

Without hesitation or questions, Randy and Elizabeth put off leaving town and went back to their coffee shop to make drinks for those at the branch. They came back with chai lattes for all of the members and employees. “You could just feel the weight being lifted off,” said Breanna Cline, Branch Manager. Randy and Elizabeth were nice enough to go out of their way to help alleviate the stress of a very long, busy day for OCCU employees and members.

In the same way we choose to live Nice, so do Randy and Elizabeth. We are proud to name Randy & Elizabeth as “Fellow Nice Believers” for choosing Nice as their way of doing business too. “When we got into the coffee business, there were two main rules: let’s make good coffee and be nice to everybody. And that’s what we’re trying to do,” said Randy.


So *NICE* to see Randy &

So *NICE* to see Randy & Elizabeth's smiling faces on your blog and to hear of their very well-deserved award! Because they are indeed always smiling! And their coffee shop is the epitome of a friendly neighborhood gathering place. Several years ago my late husband was diagnosed with cancer. On his "good days," we would make little trips out just for diversion, and very often that would include an hour or two at Randy & Elizabeth's shop. Sadly my husband passed away two years ago, but I still stop in occasionally and it's like visiting family... They always want to know how I'm doing and have an encouraging word & smile. I'm so pleased that you chose to honor them with your first annual Remarkably Nice Award!

-Jenny Peterson

This is inspiring! I want to

This is inspiring! I want to leave the apartment every day thinking to myself: Today, let me see the situations where I can choose to just be nice to people. ....

I can attest that this level

I can attest that this level of service and "nice" is not an anomaly. This is the way Randy and Elizabeth go about their business each day. And their coffee/expresso is second to none too! Worth going out of your way to check out.

How wonderful to hear that

How wonderful to hear that there really are people out there who care and still enjoy doing good for others even if it is just a small gesture.

Nice. Remarkably Nice!!!!

Nice. Remarkably Nice!!!!

It is so good to read

It is so good to read something positive for a change. I am a firm believer in paying it forward and do so very often, so it's nice to see others doing the same thing. It just makes for a better environment when we do something unexpected and nice. Kudos to Randy and Elizabeth, they sound like my kind of people. Awesome!

Anonymous in Portland

Randy and Elizabeth are

Randy and Elizabeth are wonderful people and they make a real difference in our community! It's not a surprise that they took time out of their schedules to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Way to go, Randy and Elizabeth!

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