OCCU Scholar Testimonial

OCCU Scholar Linda

For the last 12 years, Oregon Community has been helping make college a reality for students at the University of Oregon through scholarships and financial support of the PathwayOregon program. This year, we are supporting 50 students at the University. Linda is a scholarship recipient and recently joined our Marketing department as an intern. We are inspired by Linda’s story and excited to share it with you.

Oregon Community Credit Union is a truly, remarkably nice credit union. I could not be happier interning anywhere else and here’s why:

Without Oregon Community, I would not have been able to afford college. As a single mother, my mom had to toil away at work every day just to provide for me and my siblings. As hard as she worked, I knew college was still unaffordable. However, not attending college was out of the question. I was willing to work as hard as I needed to so I could have a chance at a higher education. On top of taking advanced classes, studying to receive good grades, getting involved in extracurricular activities and working a part-time job, I spent much of my senior year in high school filling out scholarship applications.

My hard work finally paid off when OCCU recognized my dedication to a better future and granted me a scholarship to attend the University of Oregon.

I am now a senior at the University of Oregon who will be graduating from the School of Journalism and Communication this June with a bachelor’s of science in journalism. I took full advantage of my education by double majoring in public relations and advertising, while triple minoring in business administration, comparative literature and communication studies.

I could not have accomplished all this without the OCCU Scholarship. OCCU’s dedication to scholars and the community overall has truly moved me.

Not only did OCCU provide me with a scholarship, but they also provided me with an amazing internship with their marketing department. OCCU makes it their goal to be lifelong partners with their members, and I like to think of myself as one of their babies who they helped get through school and is now preparing me for the real world.  I am so grateful and cannot thank OCCU enough for the opportunities they have provided me and my journey to a better future.



I think it is great that OCCU

I think it is great that OCCU is able to help young people with scholarships. I don't believe that our interest rates have anything to do with the monies allotted for these scholarships. No financial institution is giving high interest rates at this time. I don't feel abused in the the least!

I beg to differ anon #2.

I beg to differ anon #2. Where can you get a better rate than the Remarkable acct?
Thx for helping our students OCCU.


I congratulate you for giving

I congratulate you for giving scholarships to students! I have been always helping high school and returning st udents continue their education as far as possible, even though it meant sacrifice on my part. I am happy that OCCU is assisting inthis way instead of having parties or giving their execUtives big salaries. Thank you!

So I am getting virtually no

So I am getting virtually no interest on my checking account to help pay MY bills n u are giving muneeeee away. Whats with that. Why are u abusing ur customers?

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