Your Board Continues Planning for the Future

Strategic planning

Every year, your Board of Directors engages in long-range planning. Their goal is a multi-year vision to ensure we are focused on continued success and adding value for you.

The Board’s strategic plan calls for investing in the products and services you want and need. In the near term we are targeting investments in technology to not only improve service, but help us be more efficient and increase security. The plan also focuses on growing member relationships, especially those that benefit the entire Credit Union membership, and on continuing to train credit union staff to be proactive in asking how we can help and sharing information about services that would be beneficial to you.

What does all this mean for 2012?  First, we’re in the final stages of setting up mobile banking service. Whether you have a phone that can text or a “smart” phone, you’ll be able to check your balances and conduct a number of transactions 24/7, from wherever you are.  We will roll out this convenient new way to manage your Oregon Community accounts during the first quarter. 

We’re also planning major upgrades to our Internet Banking platform and to our online bill pay service. We know over half of you manage your Oregon Community accounts electronically. Your PC, iPad and telephone are the new virtual branch and we want to optimize these services for you. We are working to streamline the experience and make the look and feel of online banking simpler and even more intuitive. Features such as personal financial management tools will also be available.

Finally, we plan to begin offering an Oregon Community Credit Union credit card by mid-year 2012. Over the last two years, major credit card issuers have taken drastic steps, such as cancelling cards, raising rates or reducing credit limits to manage through rough economic times. Some of those steps have impacted you. We think we can do better and we’re looking forward to providing an alternative. 

The Board spends many hours each year discussing the future of your Credit Union. Their strategic plan is a constantly evolving and changing roadmap—as it should be. It reflects changing circumstances and emerging opportunities.

You can learn more about the Board’s goals for Oregon Community Credit Union by attending our annual meeting March 13, 6:00 p.m., at Oregon Community Credit Union Corporate Offices, 2880 Chad Drive, Eugene.


Please allow for the service

Please allow for the service that allows me to deposit my checks via smart phone picture. I love this bank but I currently have to commute an hour to the nearest shared branch location just to deposit checks. It's tempting to switch banks when other banks are already on top of this new technology.

Please remove the six month

Please remove the six month restriction on account transaction history with the new online account access. If you must have a limit it needs to be a minimum of 18 months.

I wish we could apply for a

I wish we could apply for a share secured loan online

I am very disappointed with

I am very disappointed with the new remarkable checking limits. This account was the one place I could get a decent rate of return for my money. Did you consider dropping the credits for the ATM fees instead of the limiting the dollar amount that would recieve a good interest rate? I will be moving all my money over the new limit to another source.
So much for being remarkable!

I'm a happy Remarkable

I'm a happy Remarkable Checking customer. But OCCU could not have foreseen interest rates going to zero when they started the promotion. I'm sure that are losing money on it. I'm happy they still have it at all.

Me, too!

Me, too!

How come you keep dropping CD

How come you keep dropping CD rates even when the Fed rate remains unchanged?

That you cannot access more

That you cannot access more than six months of account history online when the tax year is twelve months longs is not, in my view, good service. I think one should be able to access the previous year's account history at least through April 15th of the next year. I use bill pay and in many cases the only "written" record of the transaction that I can create is by printing a copy of the bill pay check accessed online.

Please consider improving

Please consider improving your Bill Pay system to enable the sorting "history of payments" screen by date AND payee. Thanks.

Would existing OCCU

Would existing OCCU Barclaycard credit cards be automatically, or at least easily, transferred to the new OCCU in-house card? I'd love to switch, but the Barclaycard is my oldest CC account and I wouldn't want to dent my credit record by simply closing it.

Would love the ability to

Would love the ability to deposit checks by scanning or taking pictures of them. Especially for my business account - it would still be a plus even if there needs to be a relatively low limit per day/transaction on such a service.

It would be nice to get a

It would be nice to get a free toaster when I open a checking account with you.

I will get the credit card

I will get the credit card from OCCU that isn't connected with a different 'institution'. More $$$ stays local, right?

I am confident that OCCU has

I am confident that OCCU has good firewalls and everything needed to protect my personal info. How about some tips about what to do on our end to protect our communication with the bank and protect our personal info? Perhaps more people would use online banking as a result.

That said, however, I also wish to say I don't want business at OCCU with 'real people' to be replaced by cyber-service!

Glad to hear about the new

Glad to hear about the new OCCU credit card; what kind of annual fee? I'm hoping that you will investigate offering the kind of card that does not tack on a 3% fee for international transactions. (Even adding money to my Skype is international transacation because Skype is headquartered in Luxembourg; using VISA in Panama where the currency is US dollars still incurs the 3%). Capital One has a visa that does not charge the 3%.

At this time we have tried to

At this time we have tried to simply accsess my auto loan account& can`t even do that.Here`s why, I put in my user name&password.Some times it works& sometimes it dosen`t. I have security questions that I know the answer to that you say is incorrect. Icame out there& you gave me a temporary password to change everything with.Still no go.Haven`t been able to accsess my account for over 2months. So after this is done ,no way will I do bussiness with you& word of mouth gets around.especialy for poor service.

We apologize for your

We apologize for your difficulty. If you have questions about your account, please call or come in again. Our member service staff is very dedicated to helping our members find solutions.

I'd like to see a new online

I'd like to see a new online feature: the ability to enter the amount and payee of paper checks, so that a true 'available' balance is automatically computed, and even accounting for cashed checks.

Online banking tells us what

Online banking tells us what activity has happened in our account including a photo of the checks we have written, not what business is initiated/in process/i.e. 'on it's way to the bank'. Sounds like you need a computerized bookkeeping program such as Quicken. There are other accounting or "cash" programs for different operating systems/computers.

I'd like to see the Board

I'd like to see the Board consider discussions with LCC to provide a card and monetary services to LCC Students to replace the Higher One Debit Card service they use, which rips off students with their fees and practices. It would also keep the funds locally instead of with a nation wide company.

It would also be great to have some type of credit card, with low credit limit, available to young people who need to begin building a credit history. They cannot obtain credit cards these days without credit history.

The current card is POS/ATM,

The current card is POS/ATM, pulling directly from checking. The proposed card would have its own balance and pay off schedule. I had this at my previous credit union - seriously convenient.

A mobile app is a great idea!

A mobile app is a great idea! There is no indication if this will work on Android, iOS or both. But hopefully both.

A mobile app that allows

A mobile app that allows check deposits via smartphone photo would be ideal. For me, it would make up for not having Saturday hrs at your 11th St. location in Eugene anymore.

Like the cash-back idea and

Like the cash-back idea and hope it's more than 1%. Thanks and Onward

Would really appreciate an

Would really appreciate an improved online banking experience that allows for report generation for personal accounting purposes. The mobile platform will be great.

Yes ....a cash back card

Yes ....a cash back card would work for ME. As I keep a REI-US BANK credit card for cash back and always will. If you would do this I would change........LONG LONG time customer and Love OCCU. Make my life easier Please Thanks

What do you mean by offering

What do you mean by offering a credit card. I've had one from you for man y years. Will the new one be different?

For a number of years, Oregon

For a number of years, Oregon Community credit cards have been issued by our partner, Barclaycard. The new one will indeed be different, and Oregon Community will manage much more of the activities in-house. Stay tuned! We’ll be sharing more information over the next few months.

Yea for mobile banking tools.

Yea for mobile banking tools. I'm looking forward the the rollout.

Please, please, please allow

Please, please, please allow is to link two checking accounts into the same online login and mobile app. That one thing alone is driving me back to Selco...

Looking forward to the mobile

Looking forward to the mobile app. What I'd really love to see though is a cash back rewards credit card. I currently use an airline rewards card but I'd prefer a cash back card from a company that isn't constantly trying to trick me into paying extra fees.

An iPhone app would be

An iPhone app would be spectacular! :)

At the very minimum, if the account management section was mobile optimized, that would suffice too.


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